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      Tel: 86-557-2861000
      ABOUT US  

      Anhui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sale of a variety of gravel separation and slurry water recycling equipment manufacturing enterprises, is the concrete mixing station gravel separation and slurry ...

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      Disposal of Waste Material in Concre 2016 . 11 . 3
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      Environmental protection equipment g 2016 . 11 . 3
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      Some Advantages of Gravel Separator  2016 . 11 . 3

      (Mr. Wang)013775971178
      (Mr. Liu)018949963606
      Add:Suzhou City, Anhui Province Su Xu Industrial Park
        Anhui Zhongpin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred as Zhongpin Technology) is located in the largest manufacturing base in China...
        So to carry on the independent research and development of a new generation of environmental protection product
        Always focus on the product to the highest point of the technology, after several years, constant improvement, innovation, and Accept the precious opinion provided
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